High blood pressure affects a large part of the population in the industrialised world. In Germany, about 16 million people are affected.

4 – 6 million are aware of their high blood pressure and therefore have checked their blood pressure by their doctor once or twice a year.

The risk of developing high blood pressure rises with age. In the 50+ age group, half of the population suffers from hypertonia, i.e. every second person has high blood pressure. Women tend to be affected later than men, but catch up in the end.

Since high blood pressure can considerably shorten life expectancy if left untreated, the medical importance of self-monitoring is undisputed. In order to apply the therapeutic methods provided by modern medicine, it is necessary to know the patient’s current blood pressure value. Precise documentation of the values recorded by the patient over a prolonged period is also very helpful, because blood pressure is subject to variation at different times of day.