ovu control

Saliva-based fertility test!
Simple and discreet determination of fertile & infertile days.



ovu control | end product properties
  • scientifically tested saliva-based method (‘ferning phenomenon‘) – assessment of the dried woman´s saliva sample
  • with mini-microscope (50-fold magnification)
  • easy to use and unlimited usage
  • gives immediate results
  • reliable, precise & hygienic
  • 100 % discreet thanks to lipstick design
  • can be used anywhere & is re-usable
  • clinically tested
  • with cleaning cloth for lens of microscope
  • interpretation of results

  • fertility calendar

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  • Infertile period
    Conception is not likely
  • Start of the fertile period
    Conception is possible but not likely
  • Fertile period
    Conception is highly likely

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