Why UniqueResc+?

Mobile hypothermia prevention for pre clinical use – reduce shocks and trembling

UniqueResc+ – the most effective form of mobile hypothermia prevention in the rescue field. Its unique microchip technology in combination with its light-weight heat conducting fabric is responsible for the revolutionary characteristics of this elegant electrical rescue warming system.

Benefits for the patient

  • Rapid stabilisation of the patient
    (patient calms down and is able to communicate much more quickly)
  • Prevents shivering due to cold
    (by active and even conduction of warmth)
  • Reduction of fear
    (patient feels much mire comfortable – even during transportation)

Benefits for the user

  • Small, light-weight and foldable
    (fits into emergency backpacks)
  • Plug and warm
    (by integrated control unit)
  • Versatile and mobile
    (by on-board power supply)

This product is registered in the US and not available in Europe.